Looking ahead to an exciting 2014

Over the past 12 years, I have been diligent in making New Year’s resolutions. They tend to be similar from year to year: eat healthier, manage my spending or even run a marathon. I don’t always meet the goals I set, but I know that my efforts have a positive impact in breaking bad habits and making healthier choices. At CRNBC, our New Year’s resolutions are built into our new strategic plan: improving nurses’ experience with us, being a relational regulator and ensuring that public interest is put first. Through the work of our Board and staff, I know we will meet these goals. Already I can see our efforts paying off and I am excited about what we will likely achieve in 2014. For example, nurses renewing their registration this year will notice that our fees have stayed the same for a fourth year in a row.  In […]

Becoming a relational regulator

I recently came across a proverb that reads, “The man who moved a mountain was the one who began carrying away small stones.” It reminded me that change often happens in increments, and what might feel like a small effort or contribution can have a huge impact as time passes. The College’s legislative mandate is to regulate the profession of nursing. As a regulator, we are charged with protecting the public. In fulfilling that mandate, we think how we do our work really defines our culture, and in turn supports the role we play within the health care system. We are working hard to shift our culture to a more relational style. This leads to collaborative relationships, conversations with nurses and communicating in plain and accessible words. It means using the right amount of regulatory force and using it only when needed. And ultimately, it calls us to be a proactive […]

Collaboration: From Principle to Practice

Collaboration is one of the guiding principles in our approach to regulating in the public interest. When I hear others talk about being collaborative, I always think of a bunch of jigsaw puzzle pieces popping into place to depict a picture of success — each piece contributing to the end result. Here are a few examples of the touch points the College has with its many partners and stakeholders. I am thrilled that our organization is connecting and collaborating with so many leaders in nursing, regulation and health care. With every relationship and collaborative effort, we benefit from the experience and wisdom of our nursing colleagues. Together, we are creating the picture of success. The College is working with leaders from ARNBC, BCNU and other nursing organizations to identify and collaborate on issues of joint interest and concern, such as nursing policy and practice questions. [title size=”2 to […]

How nurses influence Standards

This year the College is celebrating 100 years of nursing regulation. As we achieve this milestone, we’re looking ahead to the next 100 years and thinking about what nursing regulation means to you and the public. Personally, I want a future in which nurses see the College as a partner in delivering competent and ethical nursing care. We’ve begun working toward that vision. This year we introduced a Standard on working with students. It comes into effect on November 1. Before the Standard came into effect we posted it on our website and shared it among health authorities. Right away nurses had questions, so we created a question and answer section to go with the Standard. But the nurses’ questions told us that we hadn’t been clear in the original Standard, so we re-wrote it, keeping the same concepts. We’re pleased to introduce this Standard — shaped by the voices […]

We’ve changed our newsletter

For the past three years, you’ve received our newsletter about half a dozen times a year. Now that’s changed. Starting in June, we increased the number of issues to about one a month. We want to be your partner in delivering competent and ethical nursing care and to do that we need to be in touch more often. The College offers supports for nursing practice in a number of ways. For the newsletter, that means case studies, articles and quick Q and As. We’re bringing back nursing stories. We have had feedback that you enjoy them, especially case studies, so expect to see at least one in every issue. The newsletter also has a brand new look. All you need to do is pick and click what interests you as a nursing professional. We hope you will dive into most of the […]