This year the College is celebrating 100 years of nursing regulation. As we achieve this milestone, we’re looking ahead to the next 100 years and thinking about what nursing regulation means to you and the public.

Personally, I want a future in which nurses see the College as a partner in delivering competent and ethical nursing care. We’ve begun working toward that vision.

This year we introduced a Standard on working with students. It comes into effect on November 1. Before the Standard came into effect we posted it on our website and shared it among health authorities. Right away nurses had questions, so we created a question and answer section to go with the Standard. But the nurses’ questions told us that we hadn’t been clear in the original Standard, so we re-wrote it, keeping the same concepts. We’re pleased to introduce this Standard — shaped by the voices and emails of B.C. nurses. The Standard also has a web module, supporting articles, and we’re hosting two webinars in November. I hope you’ll find the Standard clear — and please, keep asking questions. This is a great example of partnership.