In talking with nurses, sometimes discussions turn toward the value of CRNBC. Nurses want to know where fees go* and how the existence of the College makes a difference in their lives. My answer is always the same — the College is a foundational piece in establishing and maintaining the credibility of the nursing profession. The College does this by setting standards, supporting nurses to meet those standards, and acting when standards are not met. In framing the credibility of the profession through standards, the College effectively protects the public.

And to be frank, it is continuously exciting and interesting work. Just like the profession, the College continues to evolve and find better and more appropriate ways to meet our mandate. Through it all, we are committed to ensuring the engagement of nurses in the development and maintenance of standards. The College cannot meet its mandate without the input of the profession and the profession cannot effectively demonstrate its value to the public without the College. In the world of profession-led regulation, it really does take two to tango!

So, please consider joining our Board, lending your voice to a committee, taking part in testing an improved website or responding to a survey. Take advantage of the library resources or online modules and become familiar with what’s available on the website. You can also join in by reading a case study and reflecting on Standards and how to apply them. Rate what you read and help us cultivate our practice resources. We want to connect with you because we value your contribution to our work and in return, we hope that you will see how the College is a valuable asset to you.

* Where your fees go (page 9)