Collaboration is a challenging word – many people think it means cooperation or consultation. But really, it is about people and organizations working together to achieve shared goals–goals that require genuine partnership and hard work.

I am proud of the strong collaborative relationships we’ve built with the Association of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (ARNBC), the British Columbia Nurses Union (BCNU) and BC Health Regulators across the province. Together we’ve made excellent progress. Earlier this year, the College, ARNBC and BCNU met jointly with the Minister of Health about the need for a provincial nursing plan. Together with BCNU the College successfully launched the Early Intervention Program (Health). Working closely with ARNBC, we are carefully considering what services are a good fit with their strengths and purpose.  Through this collaboration, the College can begin to transfer some services better suited to a professional association.  Most recently, the College collaborated with BC Health Regulators to launch a public awareness campaign which reminds patients to ask their health professional if he or she is registered or licensed by a regulatory college.

I know that collaboration is never easy and the road can be bumpy. The College is committed to remaining collaborative and working in partnership to ensure that public safety remains a shared goal among nurses, our nursing community leaders and professional colleagues.

These initiatives are a good start towards achieving our shared goals. This is just the beginning, and when it comes to teamwork, there is no finish line.  The road of collaboration is always under construction.